Have a safe Hallowe'en, urge Northumbria Police


Police are advising people to have a great time this Halloween, while taking care and being considerate

If your youngsters are heading out tonight ‘trick or treating’ please make sure there’s a responsible adult with them too.

In previous years we have received calls from elderly or vulnerable people who have felt worried and intimidated by groups knocking on their doors asking for treats.

Chief Inspector Jamie Pitt said: “Keeping children safe is a key priority and it is important young children have adult support when going out in the dark for Halloween.”

"Trick or treat can be enjoyable for those who are happy to take part in an organised event. Consideration should also be shown to those residents who do not want to take part, especially the elderly and vulnerable.”

Police advice for 'trick or treat' if you have youngsters getting dressed up and taking part in these activities:

Visit homes where people are expecting you

If a householder does not want to take part, respect their wishes

If your children are taking part in 'trick or treat' always make sure they have an adult with them

Be aware of the dangers of dressing up around naked flames in lanterns. Equipping children with a small battery torch and an unlit lantern is safer

Never let your child go into a stranger's house.

Northumbria Police officers across the force will be carrying out pro-active patrols and will take action against anyone found misusing fireworks.

Anyone with any concerns about crime or disorder where they live should contact police on 101.