Head’s stance on year group visit ‘is unfair’

Meadowdale Academy in Bedlington
Meadowdale Academy in Bedlington

A middle school in Bedlington has come in for criticism over a year group trip that is scheduled to take place on July 3.

The Beamish Wild visit is described by Meadowdale Academy as a transition activity for students going into Year 7.

As a result, those in Year 6 who are leaving the school next month as they will be attending secondary schools in September will not be going along.

A parent of one of these children, Julia Masters, believes this stance is unfair.

She said: “It’s nothing against Meadowdale that my daughter is going to Bedlington Academy in September. We’ve made the decision because she will be in the same school as her older brother.

“She is at Meadowdale until July 20 and it’s cruel on her and the others not going that they will have to listen to their friends telling them how much they enjoyed the trip.

“Why couldn’t the visit happen early in the next term as it could still then be classed as a transition activity?”

Another parent in the same situation, Jennie North, said: “I think this is totally unfair on the children not going.

“I had nothing but fantastic things to say about the school until now, so it’s a real shame that the headteacher has decided to exclude some pupils from this trip.”

Meadowdale Academy headteacher Joy Finn said: “All of the schools in the Bedlington Partnership have agreed to a Transfer Day where all classes move to meet their new teachers, new classes and new schools. The Beamish Wild visit is part of this.

“Having listened to parents, there will be a different opportunity for all of the students in Year 6 to celebrate the end of year together.”