Health and fitness aim

RESIDENTS in Cramlington are being given the chance to get fit and healthy.

The Life&Soul Fitness Centre is getting active as part of the government’s social-marketing campaign to increase the public’s awareness of the benefits of regular physical activity and an active lifestyle.

Inactivity and obesity-related illness cost the UK economy nearly £16bn last year and is likely to cost £50bn by 2050.

Becoming more active (the government recommends 30 minutes of moderate exercise five times per week) would significantly decrease early mortality rates in the UK and save tax payers billions.

Life&Soul Fitness Centre is helping spearhead the local delivery of Change4Life: a national initiative run by the Department of Health.

Change4Life aims to get people to eat well, move well, and live longer.

Thousands of fitness facilities like Life&Soul Fitness Centre are linking with their local communities to help achieve this goal.

Change4Life includes a wide range of partners in the public and private sector including retailers, food and beverage manufacturers, national and local media and physical activity groups.

Eric Fail, co-owner with his wife Nicola of Cramlington’s Life&Soul Fitness Centre, said: “It’s fantastic to hear of so many gyms, leisure centres, private businesses and the government working together within the local communities to really drive this fantastic initiative to encourage people to lead a healthier lifestyle.

“Life&Soul Fitness Centre is proud to be a delivery partner and the more businesses that get involved the better.”

The centre is based at Suite 2, Hubbway House, Bassington Industrial Estate.