Health was not why I stood down

I WOULD like to apologise to the people who voted for me in the College Ward on Ashington Town Council.

I represented the Liberal Democrats and wanted to help where I could, and help those who are disabled.

Being disabled myself, I know what we have to face every day.

At the town council meeting when I stepped down, I sent a letter in which I stated my reason for leaving.

But the council was told I had stood down for health reasons. This was not the case.

A newsletter stated that people who had voted for me felt ‘betrayed’. This was not the case.

It was also stated the Lib Dems were ‘fighting’ amongst each other, again, this was not the case.

My time on the council was not what I would call a happy time. Before I stood down I had asked for advice and it was then I came to the decision to leave.

While going through a bad time, I never felt I had any back up or support.

I did not understand why a lot of things were happening and nothing was done about it.

Once again, I would like to thank all those who voted for me, and to apologise to those who have come forward and said I ‘betrayed’ them.