Flu jab plea to patients

THOSE in need of flu jabs are being urged to take advantage of an initiative enabling them to get the injections at pharmacies.

Mac and Heather Merryweather are among those to have tried out the new service, launched to ease the pressure.

The couple, of Rowlington Terrace in Ashington, were vaccinated at the town’s Central Pharmacy.

Heather said: “Obtaining the free NHS flu vaccine has never been easier than it is this year.

“I believe it is a great idea that people like me who are eligible for the flu vaccine can walk into any participating pharmacy and have the jab.

“It is quick and easy and saves a lot of time and hassle for us.”

Mac has coronary heart disease and Heather is asthmatic, so both are at risk from flu and have the jab every year.

Heather said: “My husband was able to have the jab on a Saturday morning at our pharmacy in our local GP practice, which was really convenient. It also leaves GP appointments for those who really need them.”

Heather, 57, was diagnosed with asthma when she was 30 and has been having the flu vaccine for years.

Those aged between six months and 65 are eligible for a free jab if they suffer from certain long-term health conditions or are pregnant. For a list of pharmacies offering the jab, visit www.northoftyne.nhs.uk