MP raises concerns of wind farm ‘health risk’

A LABOUR MP has spoken out on behalf of his ‘numerous’ constituents who claim they have developed severe mental health problems as a result of living and working near wind farms.

Wansbeck’s Ian Lavery said the number of people raising the issue at his surgeries in Ashington have snowballed in the last six months.

Mr Lavery said he had been approached by a member of the medical profession about an increasing number of patients living in the vicinity of wind turbines on the Alcan site, raising the issue.

And now he has asked a question in parliament, of leader of the House of Commons, and former health secretary, Andrew Lansley, MP.

He asked: “Will the leader of the house make time for a debate on an ever-increasing health risk?

“I refer to the impact of wind turbines on people living near wind turbines and wind turbine farms, more and more of whom are coming to my surgeries suffering from severe mental health problems.”

Mr Lansley said he would ask the Department for Energy to respond.

He added: “Time does not permit me to enter into a debate about the health effects of wind turbines, but I know that there are various arguments, and I have read some of the competing literature, as it were.”

Mr Lavery told the News Post Leader: “There are some scientific reports that confirm the operation of wind farms at low frequencies can cause problems.

“I have spoken to a member of the medical profession in confidence, they confirmed to me that there have been a number of people claiming that this is the case.

“This person urged me not to ignore it. It’s a huge problem.”