Smoking the cause of 260 people dying

MORE people are being diagnosed with new cases of cancer as a result of smoking, figures have revealed.

In the run up to World Cancer Day on February 4, the latest figures by Fresh show that in 2009, 1,909 people in Northumberland were diagnosed with new cases of cancer, with an estimated 370 caused by smoking.

In 2010, an estimated 2,122 people from across the region died from smoking-related cancer, and this included an estimated 260 deaths in Northumberland.

Leading medical experts are now backing a new campaign showing how just 15 cigarettes can cause a mutation, which can lead to a cancerous tumour.

Dr Alice Melville, consultant in respiratory medicine at Northumbria NHS Foundation Trust, said: “There is a lack of awareness about the many types of cancer caused by smoking.

“Nearly everyone knows lung cancer is caused by smoking, but very few people realise smoking is linked to 15 types of cancer.

“This is hardly surprising when you consider the range of poisons in a cigarette smoke, which contains more than 70 cancer-causing chemicals.

“It is vitally important we continue to explain to smokers the risks they are taking for the sake if themselves and their family.

“Far too many people end up regretting the gamble they take with cancer.”