Heartache for Nick as Indian hell looks set to continue for two months

Nick Dunn.
Nick Dunn.

Family and friends of detained sailor Nick Dunn have been left dejected after his Indian hell showed no sign of letting up.

Nick, from Ashington, has spent the last few months fighting to be allowed home after charges against him were quashed.

We’ve got to dig deep and find the energy to get through the next couple of months

Lisa Dunn

The 29-year-old was among a group of sailors arrested in October 2013 when their anti-piracy protection ship MV Seaman Guard Ohio – owned by American firm Advanfort – was detained over claims of falsely possessing firearms.

After spending four months in prison he was released on bail until a court quashed the charges against the sailors.

However, Indian police appealed the decision and refused to return all the passports and documents.

A number of court hearings have been held with no decision, but last Friday courts in India closed for two months – leaving Nick stranded.

His sister Lisa, 35, also of Ashington, said: “Nick is really low. It’s really tough for him, he just can’t motivate himself.

“We were planning on him coming home, and Nick thought he was coming home but now they’re shattered. Nick is broken at the minute. It’s hit him quite hard.”

“We’ve got to dig deep and find the energy to get through the next couple of months.

“We still don’t know if there will be a decision in July. There is no indication to what the hold up is, it just seems the judge taking their time to make a decision.

“At the last hearing in April, it was thought a decision could be made in seven to 14 days but Friday came and went with nothing said.”

She added: “It’s 19 months since they were arrested. I never thought I would have to get through the last 19 months like this.

“The next few months will be emotionally and financially draining. We shouldn’t have to worry about feeding him and keeping a roof over his head when he is out there.

“This is the hardest thing we’ve had to do.

“I feel at a loss at the minute. I don’t know where to turn or what help I can be.”