Help, before it’s too late

I have read with interest over the last few weeks all the letters regarding the decline in Bedlington and have to say I agree with the majority of them.

I am not jealous of the facilities in Ashington, Morpeth, Cramlington or any other town in south east Northumberland. I want all the towns in the area to prosper and have great facilities.

The urgent problem now is that Bedlington is sadly miles behind these other areas and for once the residents of Bedlington are having their say.

I say well done Wendy Reed and her Make a Noise for Bedlington campaign.

Thank God someone is trying to get something done.

I was saddened by the letter from Mr Tyler (News Post Leader, April 30), who appears to be telling Bedlington residents that Northumberland Council has a plan.

Well would someone care to tell us what that plan is?

We are all waiting with baited breath. So far all I have read is that the council offices are to be demolished and the land be offered for development.

Well wonderful, we will have another piece of waste land in Bedlington.

Add this to the derelict and decaying old Church Hall, the half-built nursing home on the old Elliot’s garage site, the old and decaying empty Co-op building and the newly empty Tesco building.

As for leisure facilities, or should I say the lack of, Bedlington residents have never had the luxury of a leisure centre when every other town around us has had one for many years, Ashington, Blyth, Cramlington, Morpeth, Newbiggin.

I urge Bedlington residents to make themselves heard, whinge and whine and complain as loud and as many times as you wish.

It is a democracy and Bedlington residents do have lots of ideas, answers and suggestions for county councillors, problem is they just don’t or don’t want to listen.

Yes, I agree there has been financial restrictions, but let’s be honest, they have not stopped the development of Ashington’s lovely new leisure centre or plans to redevelop Ashington’s shopping area.

County headquarters are likely to be placed in Ashington.

I have every faith in our MP, who I strongly believe is an honourable and decent man who genuinely wants the best for the area, but I am not so sure about the councillors.

Let’s all work together, MP, county councillors as well as residents. Surely we all want the same thing.

Just, for once, make Bedlington a priority because I believe we have never needed help as much as we do now, before it’s too late.

Glenda Jefferson