Help clear up clutter on our high streets

I am very disappointed at the level of ‘street clutter’ on the high street recently.

Street clutter such as irresponsibly placed shop advertising signs (A-boards) and pavement cafe furniture, can obstruct and hamper a person’s progress on the street.

Retailers need to realise that street clutter items such as these are major obstacles for pedestrians, especially those that are blind or partially sighted.

A recent survey by Guide Dogs for their Streets Ahead campaign showed 97 per cent of those with sight loss experience problems with street clutter regularly.

A decluttered high street not only makes it a safer place for those who are blind or partially sighted, but also a nicer, more inviting place for all shoppers.

I would like readers to join me in a campaign to ask the council to tackle poorly placed A-boards and pavement cafe furniture so that our high street pavements can be reclaimed for pedestrians.

Email for more information about the campaign and survey findings.

Colin Cooke