HELP: Driver was our angel

During a recent visit to Northumberland, I drove my husband to A&E Berwick and was informed he had to attend Cramlington A&E, 60 miles south.

Sunday, 15th May 2016, 6:01 am
Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital Picture by Jane Coltman

We are strangers to the area and by 8pm it was dark and I was hopelessly lost.

My husband was in intense pain, and in tears and panic I ran to a taxi outside a local store.

The driver immediately said he would guide us, which he did, leading us through a maze of darkened streets to the hospital door.

If you read this letter you will know who you are – and please accept our grateful thanks.

To us, truly an angel in a darkened hour.

Angela Beith

Cromer, North Norfolk