Help group to flourish

Some of the creative displays produced by the group.
Some of the creative displays produced by the group.

Service users at a Northumberland hospital are asking for the public’s help to keep their floral group flourishing.

The flower arranging group at Craster Day Hospital at St George’s Park in Morpeth, are appealing for jam jars, small containers, tubs and dishes so that members can continue to produces creative displays which will be enjoyed by service users, staff and visitors to the hospital.

Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust’s (NTW) Craster Day Hospital was inspired to start the flower arranging group by one of their current patients who use to arrange flowers in her local church.

Hospital manager Ingrid Dick said: “It is because of its popularity we are asking local residents to look in their cupboards and sheds to see if they have any unused jars or tubs so they can be used by other people and give them the opportunity to enjoy being part of our flower arranging group.”

Items that could be used by the group you can drop it off at the day hospital or call (01670) 501724 for it to be collected.