Help in finding dog better than a lottery win

On Easter weekend, Saturday, April 19, while my mam and myself were shopping in Morrisons, my husband walked mam’s little whippet Robbie round Kilingworth Lake while we shopped, and let Robbie off for a run, as he does every week.

Only on this Saturday two greyhounds chased our little whippet and spooked him.

He ran up towards Matalan and my husband rang me to ask for help.

I drove round the estates in our car while mam walked and my husband ran searching frantically for little Robbie.

He’s still young, 18-months-old, and mam’s companion since dad died two-and-a-half years ago.

We can not express in words our sincere gratitude for the support and help we got from the lovely people in Killingworth.

Some walked and ran with us, a lady gave my husband a lift to a field Robbie was seen running to, we gave our mobile numbers to people walking in case they found him.

Everyone was brilliant and after three hours we thankfully found little Robbie.

He was exhausted and had some cuts and sores.

We would like to say a big thank you for those who helped us, and mam said finding Robbie alive was better than winning the lottery.

We are so grateful.

Jean Jack