Help put our town back on the map

AFTER reading the comments of a shop owner in Cramlington complaining about Manor Walks not being refurbished, I nearly choked on my tea.

I say to them ‘run a business in Blyth, which is now being labelled drug capital of the north, once again’.

I have two large premises in the centre of Blyth, for which I pay an extortionate amount of rent and rates.

To hear about the complaint made me laugh out loud.

Cramlington is thriving, mainly with Blyth people, big named companies are fighting to open shops, there is ample free parking, flower baskets galore.

Cramlington and Blyth are run by the same Northumberland County Council – but by God what a difference.

Yes, our beach and park area are beautiful, but we have a town centre which is called concrete city and a market square with a virtual market.

Where are the stalls the council insisted on the traders having that cost thousands?

The market square is a drab, grey, eyesore, no flowers or hanging baskets.

Who on earth let the old DecorFlair shop become yet another charity shop, which does not pay business rates – on a premises that should be about £35,000 a year?

If someone doesn’t step up and do something soon to tempt people to visit or shop in Blyth it will become a ghost town and there will be two more shops shut with 14 people signing on the dole.

So ‘Mr Council Man’ and ‘Mr MP’ who make all the decisions about our fine town, put us back on the map.

We are waiting for some life now throw us some rope and save the town.


Dolly Dimples and Norah Battys