Hero to get honour for pulling couple from blazing home

Life-saving hero Mark Jones from Ellington Terrace at Ashington.'REF 1108143719
Life-saving hero Mark Jones from Ellington Terrace at Ashington.'REF 1108143719

A hero who crawled on his stomach into a burning building to rescue an elderly couple is to be honoured for his bravery.

In December, Mark Jones, of Ellington Terrace, Ashington, was on his way to work when he noticed smoke coming out of a house in his street.

“I saw two feet and some pyjama bottoms in the doorway, and I went in to get the man,” he said.

Mark helped the man to safety, before going back in to find the man’s wife.

“I asked the man if anyone else was in the house and he said his wife was on the sofa,” he added.

Mark crawled on his stomach back into the building to find the woman.

“You couldn’t see in there for the smoke. I thought if she was upstairs it would have been too late,” he said.

“I got down on my belly and tied my T-shirt round my head.

“I came across some legs with bandages on in the living room, so I scooped her up and then I couldn’t see or find where I was, so I lay back down on the ground and worked out where the door was and then carried her outside.”

The couple were taken to hospital for treatment, but the lady died from a heart condition four weeks later.

Now Mark, 40, is to receive a Royal Humane Society testimonial on parchment for his bravery, after his name was put forward by Northumbria Police.

“I spent many years in the Army and I have been in burning buildings before, so it wasn’t something that was completely alien to me,” said Mark.

“I would like to think that anyone decent would go and do that. She was in the house and alive, and I knew if I didn’t go in then she wouldn’t be alive, so there wasn’t a choice.

“It’s instinct to want to help someone.

“I am very pleased to have won this award, I was told that there’s not many given out a year so it’s amazing.”

Mark will be given his award at a ceremony at Newcastle Civic Centre in January.