Heroes honoured for achievements in Honours’ List

SCORES of ordinary people from the north east have been recognised in the New Year’s Honours List.

They stand shoulder-to-shoulder with athletes, doctors, scientists, charity fundraisers and captains of industry who have also been commended.

Among those honoured was Marilyn Wright, head of HR and facilities at One North East.

Marilyn, of Ashington, was honoured for her services to business in the north east.

Elsewhere on the list, Jennifer Swanson, of Blyth, officer and support team manager for large business service at HM Revenue and Customs, Newcastle, was honoured for her services to the tax system, and for her voluntary service to children.

They join the region’s top athletes who were also recognised on the list for their incredible achievements at London 2012.

These include South Tyneside paralympic swimmer Josef Craig and Durham rower Katherine Copeland.

And there is also an MBE for 20-year-old Lily van den Broecke, of Durham, who coxed Great Britain’s mixed four to victory during the Paralympics.

Top honours also went to Newcastle’s John James Fenwick, deputy chairman of Fenwick Ltd, for services to the retail business.

Meanwhile, Newcastle-born physicist Professor Peter Higgs, who theorised the existence of the eponymous Higgs Boson, received the highest level of commendation of anyone in the north east, becoming a companion of the Order of Bath.

Born in Newcastle in 1929, Professor Higgs was earlier this year proved right after a 40-year search for the fabled ‘God particle’, the Higgs Boson finally proved it does exist.

Jeremy Beeton, the director of the general Government Olympic Executive, from Stanhope, County Durham, joins him in his services to the London 2012 games.