Historical village square to be protected

An artist impression of how Cramlington Village Square could have looked.
An artist impression of how Cramlington Village Square could have looked.

Councillors have moved to protect a historical village square from any future development.

Proposals had been mooted last year to create a new plaza at Cramlington Village Square.

Labour members on Cramlington Town Council had proposed to pave over the area so it could be used as a venue for festivals and other attractions.

More than 2,000 residents signed a petition opposing the changes proposed to the area.

But now the Conservative-led council has voted to protect the historic square on a permanent basis.

Councillors Mark Swinburn and Loraine De Simone brought in a motion that sought to permanently protect the square and the surrounding area and also to ensure that the area retains its garden setting.

The ten councillors present, nine Conservatives and one Labour, unanimously supported it.

Coun Swinburn said: “I am delighted that the new administration at Cramlington Town Council has voted to support the permanent protection of this area.

“This is a historic and tranquil setting for a war memorial and needs to be kept that way. This vote was a positive step, sending a clear message that this area should and will be protected from inappropriate changes.”

Coun De Simone added: “Residents from across Cramlington and local businesses were quite clear that this area should be maintained as it is. It is important that local views are respected and that this area was not appropriate for drinking festivals.”