Home is targeted by nuisance calls

Kevin Foster Funeral Services in Blyth.
Kevin Foster Funeral Services in Blyth.

A funeral director says he is being targeted by prank callers who are trying to destroy his business.

Kevin Foster Funeral Services opened their new office and Chapel of Rest on Regent Street in Blyth in November.

But since opening, the business has been targeted by nuisance callers making calls about fictitious deaths.

“We have had various callers hanging up as we answered soon followed by receiving phone calls from persons advising of a death in their family, and advising which care home or other they are located. Almost all were fictitious,” said Kevin.

“We would ask for them to name care homes, persons, mobile numbers etc, with all turning out to be false.

“This has gone on for some time now and we have informed the police.

“There have been occasions where we have had to ring care homes to check and see if the calls were legitimate, we have rang hospitals, and spoken to ward managers to advise why we have the need to ring to check validity of received phone calls.

“Everyone we have spoken to is disgusted that someone could stoop so low, speaking about fictitious deceased persons must be taken extremely seriously.

“How people can stoop so low in a most delicate situation beggars belief.”

Northumbria Police confirmed they received a report of malicious communications to Kevin Foster Funeral Services, and anyone with information can call police on 101 quoting reference 0295 21/12/15.