Homeless Adam is now making good recovery

Adam Blythe, who was assaulted in Blyth.
Adam Blythe, who was assaulted in Blyth.

A mother whose son was brutally attacked in Blyth in February has said he is making a good recovery.

Adam Blythe was allegedly assaulted in Robert Street in the town on Saturday,February 8, and is still in hospital.

The homeless 34-year-old, who had been sleeping in the doorway of Blockbusters in the town, is now being moved to a specialist centre as part of his recovery.

His mum, Jane Blythe, said: “It has been absolute hell, but he is making a good recovery.

“Adam wants to go back to Blyth when he is well enough because he likes it there.

“And I have had some lovely people helping me and him from there.

“It was very, very upsetting at first because Adam couldn’t do anything, but he is getting on so much better now.

“They are now looking to move him to a specialist centre which will be fantastic for him.

“Adam is getting on so much better, he has come on so much.

“He gets frustrated because he tries to talk and he can’t get all the words out as his brain isn’t 100 per cent yet, but he is getting there.

“I really am thankful for all the help that he is receiving from everyone in the north east, the people have been so kind.

“My main concerns are Adam, and because of my personal situation, I can only go and visit him twice a week.

“It drains you, all the travelling, but I have to go and see him.”

Peter Miller, managing director of Miller Wallace Residential in Blyth, who previously provided accommodation for Adam, this week delivered gifts and get well cards to him which had been donated by the local community and collected at The Wallaw in Blyth.

“If Adam does come back to Blyth, we will pay any housing fees or anything, as we don’t want the money from his collection to go towards things that we can get for nothing,” he said.

“We are absolutely committed to supporting Adam in assisting him with various accommodation options at a time which is appropriate, in conjunction with his ongoing recovery.”