Homeowners urged to keep property safe

Residents are being warned to keep their property safe following a series of thefts from gardens in residential areas.

People living in the south east of the county – particularly Ashington and Blyth – have seen thefts of property left unattended in gardens increase.

Police are now reminding residents to secure property as part of the Operation Soundwave initiative, which is aimed at tackling opportunist thieves and burglars and promoting crime prevention.

The operation is supported by Northumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird.

Northumberland Area Command Superintendent Mick Paterson said: “Thefts of property from gardens is a crime normally associated with the summer months, but we’re still receiving reports of this type of lower level theft.

“This type of crime is often frustrating for residents and can be costly if expensive ornaments and furniture is stolen.

“People may not yet have secured or stored away their property for the winter and thieves are taking advantage as the evenings become darker.

“I’d encourage residents to secure property and make sure they don’t leave expensive items like bikes, or anything which can be used to break into your home – such as ladders or tools – outside in the yard or garden.

“It’s also important that residents report any unusual or suspicious vehicles or people they see in their neighbourhood to police straight away so we can investigate.”