HOMES: '˜Slums' are spoiling area

Blyth has embarked upon a major new building enterprise to provide people with good new homes.

Sunday, 6th March 2016, 1:00 pm

However, how do we expect to encourage new families to settle in Blyth when we allow some of the existing buildings to be left to deteriorate until they become like slums?

Why are properties just allowed to deteriorate without any action being taken to stop it happening? What is Northumberland County Council doing about this? What is the planing department doing about this?

It seems that the council just wants to leave places like Blyth and concentrate on better areas like Morpeth. This is just not on.

There are many areas where the planing department seems to have ignored what is going on. We need to raise this issue so that it can be put right.

We owe the people of Blyth, and the new people who are moving into the area, to bring this to the authority’s attention and campaign to have the ‘slum’ dwellings put right and improved.

David P Hall

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