Honour for RNLI crew

An RNLI crew who rescued two ferrets have been honoured for their efforts.

Animal charity PETA has given Newbiggin lifeboat station its Hero to Animals Award after reading about crewmen rescuing two ferrets from the rising tide.

The ferrets, Tootsie and Lucky, had become trapped by the tide, and were rescued by volunteers from Newbiggin who diverted from an evening training exercise.

PETA’s associate director Mimi Bekhechi said: “By remaining calm and determined throughout, the lifeboat crew saved the lives of two terrified animals who may have been within minutes of drowning.

“Newbiggin and the surrounding communities are fortunate to have public servants who are willing to put their own safety on the line to protect residents and their beloved animal companions.”

Richard Martin at the station added: “The RNLI exists to save lives at sea and, while we primarily rescue people, none of us like to see animals in distress.

“We are honoured to have been recognised by PETA for our actions.”