Honourable war? I don’t think so

I WOULD like to respond to the letter by Stephen Hislop (News Post Leader, January 19) and in particular the paragraph about Margaret Thatcher taking this country to a wholly honourable war.

Would someone correct me if I am wrong, but did Mrs Thatcher and her government not cause the Falklands War in 1982?

Then defence secretary John Nott’s 1981 review to withdraw the Royal Navy ship HMS Endurance, Britain’s only naval presence in the south Atlantic, sent a signal to Argentina that Britain was unwilling and would soon be unable, to defend its territories and subjects in the Falklands.

Argentina thought Britain did not care so invaded.

Mrs Thatcher had to send a task force to retake the islands, a war which she and her government caused in the first place.

British casualties were more than 250 killed and nearly 1,000 wounded.

A wholly honourable war? I don’t think so.


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