Hope grows for dualling of key road

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CAMPAIGNERS battling to have the A1 dualled all the way from Morpeth to the Scottish border have been given fresh hope.

Reports emerged last week that the government is considering including the project in the next spending review announced by Chancellor George Osborne in June.

Although the Department of Transport has said the announcement of which schemes will be included in the £3bn of projects will be made after the Spending Review, hope is growing that the £500m to dual the remaining 40 miles A1 north of Newcastle will be included.

Campaigners have been battling since 2007 to get the A1 dualled, claiming it would help businesses grow and reduce the number of fatalities on the single carriageway.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, campaign director for the Dual the A1 campaign, said: “I am pleased that ministers are now seriously looking at allocating funds towards dualling the A1 through Northumberland.

“The news is extremely positive but the Dual the A1 campaign will go on until the upgrade is complete.

“Safety reviews and data analysis shows us that the road is unsafe due to its single/dual nature.

“We believe that investing in the dualling of the last 40 miles of single carriageway on the A1 would give the north east of England and Scotland an economic boost to draw inward investment to the regions, and encourage greater use of the north east’s economic assets.”