Horse mess and still turbines

I WOULD be interested if anyone could answer the following two tongue in cheek questions.

First, as we know, dog owners are (justifiably) fined if they do not pick up their pet’s droppings.

Why does the same not apply to horse owners? It appears they can leave enormous piles with impunity.

If you think this description is an exaggeration, take a walk on the cycle/footpath down South Newsham road.

Second, we are constantly being told generating of electricity by fossil fuel methods (power stations) is bad for us all, and green alternatives are the way forward, such as wind power.

Why is it, then, that when we had several weeks of strong winds I did not seen any of the wind turbines on the Blyth pier in operation? Only the two offshore ones.

I concede that I do not observe 24 hours per day, but refer to most mornings this past month.

This is particularly perplexing as we are also told that conventional power stations have to be kept running in case the turbines stop.

But the turbine companies have to be paid if the national grid has enough power and they are told to stop the turbines.

Either way, it is we the consumers who are paying for this conundrum with higher fuel bills.