Hospital provides a real opportunity

WHEN consulted on the proposals for the new hospital for Cramlington, the town council gave its unanimous support. And for good reasons.

We felt the preferred site was the best location available and we recognised the major benefits it would bring to the town.

It will put Cramlington on the map and bring much needed jobs.

There will also be opportunities for local traders and suppliers both in the short and long term.

Prior to making a planning application the healthcare trust made two public presentations at town council meetings and councillors voiced concerns, particularly about potential noise and increased traffic.

But to its credit the trust has responded. Current proposals have relocated the helicopter pad further away from existing housing; restrictions have been placed on the use of sirens and blue lights at night and undertaken to look again at potential traffic problems on Front Street and Lamb Street.

During initial consultations the vast majority of local people supported the proposals and continue to do so.

We do, of course, appreciate that local residents have concerns about the development and how it will impact upon them.

Obviously it will have an impact on some and recognising this, the town council will press the county council to ensure that any monies arising from ‘planning gain’ are spent on community facilities in the local area.

But the benefits to the wider community also have to be taken into account and the clear benefits of this proposal for the majority of Cramlington residents demand that the development goes ahead.

The hospital and other major developments now present Cramlington with a real opportunity to move forward and we must take advantage of our good fortune.

David Murray


Cramlington Town Council Planning Committee