HOUSING: Listen to the electorate

I write in response to the application for 59 houses to be built in East Sleekburn village, a beautiful little village with a community feel, a host of wildlife, and a safe and tranquil place to bring up your family.

Even though over 120 residents signed a petition, 98 per cent of residents have objected, it has been front page news and people are showing their feelings by posting signs in their gardens and windows, Northumberland County Council faces an uphill battle in the National Planning Policy Framework in which central government is in simple terms saying: Build, build, build!

We can see evidence of this all over Northumberland. All we would like to say to the council in respect of our village is listen to your electorate, listen to our parish council, take heed of the concerns raised by your own highways department, by Natural England, and associated reports on biodiversity, flood risk assessment and archaeology. They can’t all be wrong to raise doubts.

But most of all, keep Northumberland, and especially East Sleekburn village, a place where young and old live in peace and tranquillity, where wildlife lives in safety and rewards us every day with sightings of deer, foxes, pheasants and even the odd red squirrel.

There are many other brownfield sites waiting to be developed and, in fact, would improve the area, such as the old Vald Birn site at Cambois, a blight on our coastline.

If this sounds like a begging letter, then so be it. Please Northumberland County Council and central government, say no to this planning application and allow the residents to enjoy living in a place where we all chose to come and live. It’s called having a quality of life, which in this day and age is a rare thing to behold.

The Wilkinsons

East Sleekburn