Housing plan will ruin area

We are writing in regard to the housing planned for the old school site in the west end of Newbiggin by the Sea.

We recently moved here after choosing this area because of its location, its history and much more.

In fact we looked at 17 houses in an area of 20 miles around the area before choosing here.

Now we are horrified to find the proposed housing at the end of our road.

We went to a meeting and saw how the homes proposed for development will ruin this area, they will scar the area and in no way will they fit in, especially the townhouses on the corner site, which we were told would be like a ‘welcome to Newbiggin’.

We feel there must be much better options that in keeping and to grace this town to keep its heritage.

These homes will do the opposite.

C Course

Newbiggin by the Sea