Hub handed half the cash it requested

A community venue has received council support, but it will need to show that it is putting on activities for a range of age groups before it receives the other half of its funding.

Pegswood Community Hub, previously known as The Open Project and Pegswood Community Project, runs courses, events and sessions for adults and children and the building is also booked by some of the village’s groups and organisations.

About 250 local residents regularly use the hub and its trustees asked Pegswood Parish Council for £5,000 to help fund activities during 2014-15.

At a recent council meeting, Coun Alan Sambrook said: “I would like to see the hub cover more age groups than it is at the moment, particularly the older element of our young people, from about ten to 17.

“If you can engage with them and put together things that they will enjoy, this will help to address some of the social issues in the village.”

It was recommended that half of the grant should be awarded now and the trustees should produce an outcome report by October detailing how these funds have been spent and how they would allocate the other £2,500.

This was agreed by members and they will make a decision about the remaining £2,500 at a council meeting later this year.