I believe health centre move planned for some time

I have been reading with interest the recent comments about the intention to relocate the Brockwell Health Centre in Cramlington.

I understand and sympathise with the local users of the medical centre.

Although I cannot help thinking that the major players in this drama are not questioned.

These are Northumbria Health Care and Northumberland County Council’s planning department.

The original application was submitted a number of years ago for a new A&E hospital only.

This made itself very clear in the nature and use of this site and it did not involve any walk-in services.

Patients would arrive at the new A&E hospital by ambulance or be referred by a GP.

The hospital is not even open for business and the original application is not worth the paper it’s written on.

The design of the feeder roads and infrastructure are based on figures only for an A&E hospital.

I firmly believe this move has been planned for some time. When these proposals initially became public knowledge I contacted Northumbria Health Care and was told that they were unaware of these proposals and I should contact the management at the Brockwell Medical Group.

I am not opposed to changes that are beneficial for the wider public, but I do believe that large and small organisations should be more transparent and not hide behind words like consultation when the intention is to drive through plans regardless.

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