I believe MP is an honourable man

READING the letters (News Post Leader, July 19), I was a bit upset at the views of Penny Reid.

I have no elegance to any political party, and at 62 have never voted in any election for the Labour Party, but for her to suggest Ronnie Campbell voted with the rebel Conservatives to gain a seat in the House of Lords is not only a slur on the MP’s name, but shows a lack of knowledge of what was being voted on.

She claimed that our politicians should start ‘fighting for democracy’. Well that is exactly what Mr Campbell was doing.

If the vote had gone in favour of the coalition, members of the Upper Chamber would have been elected by PR, the very system that was democratically rejected at the last referendum, and they would have been there for 15, yes 15 years.

The Lib Dems would have held the balance of power, as they do now, and we would not have been able to change anything until every Lib Dem PC, human rights and climate change law had totally wrecked this country.

I don’t know Mr Campbell, nor have I ever met him.

And I am not a fan of his or agree with most of his politics.

No doubt he wants House of Lords reform, but not this rushed through shambles that would have been the most un-democratic piece of ill thought out legislation.

But what I have seen of him I believe he is an honourable man and that letter was a disgrace.