I dread service in the winter

IN response to the letter titled ‘Buses should be arriving on time’ (News Post Leader, August 4), I regularly use the number 35 and am a mother of two very young children and don’t drive.

I use the bus to get to and from work, visit family and shop.

This service is appalling, it is either very late or doesn’t show up at all.

I have stood the longest time an hour waiting for the number 35, which is extremely difficult when you have two children who just want to go home.

I am dreading using this bus service during the colder winter months.

And if the previous winter we had is anything to go by then I fear I may find myself stranded in Ashington with two very cold children, in a very poorly constructed bus station.

It is not just the likes of me and my children who use this service, the elderly use it too.

Come on Arriva sort yourself out.

You might get more paying customers if you ran the service the way it should be.