I hope things can improve in towns

I TOTALLY agree with everything Arthur Rochester says (News Post Leader, letters, September 6).

Maybe it is the perspective of outsiders looking in.

I moved back to the north east after 35 years away in London and the US. I eventually decided to move to the Morpeth area, it was like a voyage of discovery to me.

I couldn’t believe how run down towns like Blyth, Ashington and my home town of Newbiggin had become, it was a total shock to me.

Even Morpeth is nothing in comparison to what it used to be.

I remember my mum and dad used to bring us to Morpeth on Wednesdays, which was market day, we would also go to the Stanners with a picnic like loads of other people.

I eventually realised after being told numerous times that Northumberland is a unitary council what that means, no boroughs just a county council. I suppose that must have been to save money.

It is true what Mr Rochester has said also about the political jibing that goes on, not only by town councillors but also the MPs.

If they invested the same amount of time and effort in finding solutions to the unemployment and depravation instead of all the hot air jibes it would be helpful.

I have tried to tell councillors that Morpeth is a tourist town, residents have to go to other places for most household things, I personally wanted to buy a dining table and chairs, there was only one place I saw them at the ludicrous price of £1,000.

There were other instances which involved me going to Cramlington, Ashington or Blyth for these items.

I cannot believe other people have and will carry on having to do the same.

Maybe the chamber of commerce could encourage more practical shops to the town or even Coopies Lane.

I sincerely hope things improve for this county although from some of the articles I have read in the newspapers I fear not.