I should retire and get benefits

I PAY my council tax monthly, but missed December (being Christmas) catching up just after.

By mid January it was paid in full.

Then at the start of February I received a lovely letter saying I owed £100 court fees – what for, late payment?

Apparently I had broken council contract – I always thought you had ten months to pay it, January being the last payment.

If it wasn’t paid by then I could understand being taken to court – not with this council. I have to pay £100 for nothing I just cannot believe it.

I work part time and pay optician, dentist, council tax, but being nearly 66 I think maybe I should retire and claim every penny I can and get all these things paid for – especially council tax.

They can check computers so see when things are not paid, but cannot check to see they are paid and nothing needs to be done.