Illegal parking on the increase

MOTORISTS in Ashington are being warned that inconsiderate parking may cost them a fine.

The neighbourhood policing team has issued the warning after seeing a rise in the number of drivers parking illegally, particularly around Station Road.

Officers have had a number of complaints about vehicles parked in bus stops, on double yellow lines, footpaths and driveways – especially at the start and end of the school day.

In some cases drivers are blocking roads and potentially causing a danger to children and pedestrians.

Ashington Neighbourhood Inspector Jackie Coleman said: “We’ve spoken to motorists about their illegal parking, given verbal warnings and moved drivers along when they have been spotted parking somewhere they shouldn’t, but the problem continues.

“That’s why we’re taking further action with officers issuing tickets and parking fines out to those motorists who park illegally in Station Road and other areas of the town.

“The message is simple – if you don’t want a parking ticket and a fine then park somewhere safe and legal.

“If we see motorists parking in front of officers on double yellow lines, in no parking areas or in places where they are causing a disruption then action will be taken.”

Police and traffic wardens are carrying out patrols in problem areas.