Impose fines for littering at fields

I CONCUR with the comments and the state of the playing field and its perimeters at South Beach (News Post Leader, letters, April 12).

The mess created is more apparent following the many football matches played over a weekend.

Left are empty plastic bottles that have simply been discarded along with food stuffs and their wrappers which blow across the fields until the beginning of the working week where the NEAT team carry out a tidy up, spending unnecessary time on this task when they could be detailed elsewhere and being more cost effective.

It is high time people were taken to task over this issue and fines imposed.

In addition to this, the amount of irresponsible dog owners who allow their animals to defecate without cleaning it up is on the increase.

As a dog owner myself, I walk the perimeter pathways and need to stray into the grass verge to retrieve balls etc only to be met with dog excrement at regular intervals.

The majority of dog owners using the fields are responsible, however, as usual the minority are spoiling it with the obvious health risks attached to children.