Impressed by treatment at hospital

Thought I must tell everyone how much I have been impressed with my current treatment at Wansbeck General Hospital.

After having to wait only a matter of weeks for a routine operation on my foot, I was admitted last Tuesday as a day case patient.

From arriving at 7.30am, I was soon taken to the small ward were the lovely Jill was my nurse for the morning.

I was awake during the procedure, as I only had a local anaesthetic and during this time, the theatre staff were all friendly and polite, special thanks here to Allison being the lovely lady who ‘put my foot to sleep’.

When all was over, I was presented with tea and toast from the attentive staff.

While recovering at home the following day, I most surprised to have the surgeon, Mr Gibbard, ring me asking how I was.

Throughout the whole operation, I was treat with dignity and respect and never felt like ‘just a number’.

All too often we hear moans and groans of hospital services, so I would like to remind people how hard our doctors and nurses work, and how appreciative we must be the for wonderful service they provide.

Helen Richardson