IMPROVEMENTS: Please save the railings

I was pleased to read that more plans are afoot to improve Blyth (News Post Leader, July 16).

Some good work has been done so far, especially to the park and the beach area, and with the trust’s attention now turning to revitalisation of the town centre, let’s hope retail trade will at last improve.

The demolition of the old Hedley Young’s building would certainly improve the town’s appearance, especially for people arriving at the bus station.

I hope, however, that the railings along the Quayside can be saved. They were one of the earliest improvements and are very attractive, but the salty air has wrecked the paintwork and there is a lot of rust affecting the metal.

As the Quayside is becoming more of an entertainment venue, especially with the advent of the Tall Ships next year, this really needs urgent attention.

I hope it is part of the plan. A relatively small thing, but ‘a stitch in time’.

Christine Minto