Improving image of white van man

THERE are more than 3.2 million vans in the UK, that’s one in ten of all vehicles on our roads.

While the vast majority are operated and driven to a very high standard, a small minority of rogue operators keep alive the detrimental image of the ‘white van man’.

Thankfully, this particular breed of driver is set to become rarer still.

‘Van Excellence’ are two words that should strike fear into the hearts of dodgy van operators everywhere.

This new, industry-led membership scheme includes a strict code of practice, a tough accreditation system and is backed by some of the UK’s biggest van operators – including many household names – to ensure that not only are its members running safe, well maintained vans, but that their drivers are professional, responsible and respectful of other road users too.

Van drivers have a pretty poor reputation, but on the whole this is grossly unfair; Van Excellence will enable this sector of the UK’s workforce to improve its image and drive white van man off our roads.


Freight Transport Association

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