In a lather over immigration

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First Home Secretary Theresa May took a bit of a beating when her promise to cut net migration – the difference between the number of people leaving and entering the country – to below 100,000 by next year turned out to be bogus.

Then more Conservative claims were shattered with a Home Office report found that the number of immigrants taking British jobs had been hugely exaggerated.

The row exposed yet more divisions within the coalition.

But don’t get me wrong, immigration is an issue that Labour has to address full on.

The latest report also warned that low-income and low-skilled British workers are the most likely to be pushed by new arrivals.

I agree with freedom of movement, but it is important that we have a controlled, fair, and effective immigration system that enables people to come to the UK and make a positive contribution to the economy and society while ensuring that labour regulations such as the minimum wage are properly enforced.

There should be effective measures in place to ensure that migrants are not paid less than the minimum wage and are not exploited.

If these safeguards are not properly enforced, there is a real danger it could lead to the undercutting of British workers and that migrant workers are deprived reasonable pay and living conditions.

Labour is listening to the genuine concerns of people on immigration, not those who want to stir up hatred for political advantage.