In praise of NHS staff

After all of the negative publicity the NHS has received recently, I would like to ensure that some positive feedback is fired its way.

On the evening of Sunday, January 25, I had to take my wife to Wansbeck General Hospital A&E, at 7.30pm.

The department was busy with all sorts of issues, we didn’t have any expectation of a quick turnround, but from the very start we were very quickly dealt with and had been seen by triage, practice nurse and doctor, x-rayed and on our way home in two hours.

The staff were brilliant, efficient and most of all cheerful.

We had to return again to the hospital another day, and yet again we were seen and despatched within two hours having been seen by four different disciplines. Each one of the people we saw could not have been kinder or more helpful.

What really put the seal on the experience was the delivery of the aids my wife required to assist her over the next few weeks after two hours, this was then followed by a call from our GP to make a follow up appointment.

The point of all of this rambling is that all you hear in headlines from print and broadcast media is negative because it makes good headlines.

No doubt there are instances of poor service, but I would put money on the fact that more people are satisfied with what they receive but do not bother to express it.

Once again a vote of gratitude to all the hardworking staff at Wansbeck and other NHS depts.

Iain Moscrop