In search for family

During the weekend May 24 and 25 I am arranging a reunion in Cramlington for all linked to the Phillips family of Tyne river pilots.

My great grandfather, John Phillips (born 1872), was a Tyne pilot and his son Norman, my grandfather, ‘ran away to sea’ in 1924 after making my grandmother pregnant and a “shot-gun” wedding.

Norman had a number of brothers and sisters including Isabella (born 1893), Robert (born 1894), Margaret (born 1899), Ernest (born 1900), William (born 1903), Gladys (born 1906), Marion (born 1907) and Wilfred (born 1909).

I have been researching my grandfather for a few years and have discovered where Norman eventually settled and have traced descendants of his second family.

During this time I have unearthed many ‘new’ relatives who had no knowledge of me nor of Norman’s second secret life.

After this research I have concluded that there must be many descendants of the Phillips family, with stories to tell, whom I have not yet been in contact with.

It is for this reason that I have decided to invite anybody who has a link to the Phillips Tyne river pilots, however tenuous, to a reunion where we can meet, swap family stories, exchange photos, get to know each other and see where we are on the family tree.

A number of family members have already indicated their attendance.

I will be happy to share all I have learnt during my research.

Please contact me if you would like to be part of the reunion. Email or call (01908) 641440.

Norman Wright

Address supplied