Include county in Scotland vote

SCOTLAND will hold a referendum whether to vote yes or no for an independent country.

It is probably the biggest decision its electorate after 300 years of being a United Kingdom will make. Why not include Northumberland?

Geographically and historically we share a close affinity to Scotland and its people.

Northumbria at one time stretched from Edinburgh to the Wash, hence the name Northumberland and we more or less speak the same dialect.

Researching a family tree will inmost cases unearth a bond between the Scots and English if only by name.

This region has long been the poor man of England.

We’ve all seen the demise of our ship building and coal mining industries and now we have the imminent closure of Rio Tinto and the effect it will have on families and the area in general.

If Scotland with its population of less than six million accepted 300,000-plus Northumbrians I don’t think we would be any worse off than we are now.

I bet if you asked the average guy in London where Newcastle was they might say in Scotland.