Inflatable dinghy sparks lifeboat alert

Two of the Newbiggin Lifeboat volunteers withe the inflatable.
Two of the Newbiggin Lifeboat volunteers withe the inflatable.

A DRIFTING inflatable dinghy, offshore wind and failing light sparked a sea search off Newbiggin on Friday evening

Shortly before 7.45pm the Humber coastguard received a 999 call that an inflatable was blowing out to sea of the coast near Newbiggin.

Within minutes Newbiggin RNLI’s CSMA 75th Anniversary was launched off the beach and headed out to the dinghy.

Minutes later with the dinghy located it was apparent that there was nobody in it.

A search was undertaken by the lifeboat to track the drift path of the inflatable to determine if anyone was in the water.

However, arriving close to the shore a member of the public signalled the lifeboat.

Lifeboat helmsman Jimmie Dawson said: “The person on the beach confirmed that they had seen the inflatable blown off the beach after some youngsters had abandoned it.

“They went on to confirm that there had been nobody on the inflatable when it was blown out to sea.”

Before returning to station the lifeboat headed out to recover the inflatable then returned to station.