Inspection found trees diseased

YOUR letter from an anonymous correspondent concerning the trees in Astley Park (News Post Leader, letters, June 9) reminds us all that for a few people it is better to live in blissful ignorance rather than seek an answer to set the record straight.

Whilst it is nice to see the two councillors in New Hartley, we do not expect them to enter Astley Park any time soon.

So, as chairman of the park management committee, I will set the record straight.

The beautiful avenue of trees planted as part of the community-led regeneration of the park are indeed spoilt by several missing saplings.

The plain truth of the matter is they were removed by gardeners after being found with blight.

They will be replaced in due course, as part of bringing the park up to Green Flag status, and as part of the initial inspection the diseased trees were found.

As for the parish council’s part in this, the parish is not responsible for them, that is down to the county council.

I am always available to answer any questions over the park, it is a pity the writer felt unable to ask.



Seaton Valley Council / Astley Park Management Committee