Investment is positive news

Some people, now that the season of goodwill is over, have accused me of ‘whinging’ about rich Tories in government giving tax breaks to their fat cat cronies, and about pay freezes and the ‘bedroom tax’.

I plead guilty to all of the above, plus the offence of being a bit critical of the coalition’s broken promises on pensions, student fees, VAT, energy prices, the East Coast main line, the economy, immigration, school-building and the backdoor privatisation of the NHS. Mea culpa for that.

I could also mention that citizens’ advice offices are being swamped by cases of unfair dismissals, employers withholding wages and discrimination.

Or that by Tuesday last week Britain’s top bosses had made more money in 2015 than the average UK worker can expect to earn in the entire year – passing within a week the median earnings of £27,200, according to calculations by the High Pay Centre think tank.

But I won’t mention any of that because that would be ‘negative’.

Instead, I will highlight genuine good news – the decision by Estover Energy to increase the capacity of its proposed biomass plant at the Windmill Industrial Estate in Cramlington, increasing its investment by £45m to £125m, creating up to 240 jobs.

The company pointed to the huge local support for the project and the benefits to the regional economy as well as the local environment.

It has nothing to do with the Government, which hopefully will no longer be a barrier to such schemes come May.