INVESTMENT: Statement lacks detail

It was somewhat reassuring to see a letter headed “Investment: all towns will benefit” from Councillor Grant Davey (News Post Leader, October 8), and I have no doubt his expressed intentions are absolutely sincere. However, once again the political rhetoric is all that is on offer and no substance can be seen therein.

Take this quote from the letter in question: “In Bedlington, with Northumberland County Council’s support, the council’s development company Arch has bought the former Tesco site. This is the first phase of Arch’s remit to deliver a comprehensive, mixed, high quality element to support the council’s strategy for regeneration and business growth that benefits the town.”

Really? I have no idea what a “high quality element” is. I think I may well have one in my kettle. Or does it refer to gold, or perhaps uranium? It certainly doesn’t tell me what will be happening in Bedlington.

As for “revitalising the market place”, hasn’t that just been done? And what exactly does “revitalising” mean in this context? It is a catch-all for “giving a new lease of life to”. In what way? Some patriotic bunting? Neon lights? Perhaps a Thursday market that doesn’t resemble a misplaced car boot sale?

There is still no indication as to exactly what the plan is to make Bedlington what it ought to be.

Until there are real, tangible proposals, for example, we are going to build/develop/open a (insert name of item), the politicians need to stop feeding us rhetorical platitudes. It only makes things worse.

J Waddle