Ironic to see the police protesting

I FEEL it was quite ironic to see 30,000 off-duty police officers marching in protest against the threat to their pensions and livelihoods.

How the tables have turned from when I and thousands of NUM members fought long and hard for – what was it again, ah yes, I remember, our livelihoods and communities.

It is a pity they were not thinking of this happening when they were waving pay slips in our faces from all the overtime they were putting in when we were on the picket lines.

It is also ironic that ex-Tory ministers at the time of the 1984-85 industrial action, such as Norman Tebbitt and John Redwood, are now admitting in the media that closure of the mining industry was the wrong decision.

A bit late now to think that. Perhaps if they had shown some guts at the time and voiced their concerns instead of fawning all over that woman that was leading them at the time, things might have ended differently, but saying this now is just too little too late.


Newbiggin by the Sea