Is it always cyclist’s fault?

TIME and time again people write in to moan about cyclists (News Post Leader, August 30).

The Eve Black path between Blyth and Seaton Sluice is actually a cycle and footpath, see the artwork along the track with cyclists depicted on it.

I use this track both by foot and bicycle and have never encountered the next Chris Hoy and Bradley Wiggins in training, as is claimed.

Perhaps the correspondent could stop and ask if they will be attending Rio 2016 and wish them luck?

Not everyone uses a bell, in reality people slow down for pedestrians and say ‘excuse me’ and ‘thank you’ before passing.

Is it so hard to use common sense and be aware of your surroundings and look before you make a move?

Do you cross the road without looking or change lanes in a car before looking?

I thought not, so why can you not follow this simple principal whilst on the track?

Shock, horror, there may be a cyclist behind you enjoying the fresh air too.

I agree cyclists should not be on the promenade, neither should dog walkers as it is covered in excrement.

Try taking up cycling as a hobby before you tar everyone with the same brush. Who knows, you may even enjoy it.