Is MP looking for seat in the Lords?

HAS Ronnie Campbell got his eye on a seat in the Lords?

That’s a question many people will be asking after he joined forces with almost 100 Conservative dinosaurs to vote in favour of keeping the House of Lords the way it is.

The House of Lords has more than 800 members – most of them have been appointed by prime ministers, some are there because their fathers and grandfathers were there, others because they pray to the right God.

Peers get £300 a day in expenses to attend the House of Lords and many turn up for the money then do nothing.

In 2011 Lord Elis-Thomas only voted in the House once yet claimed £15,488. Then there is the Bishop of Liverpool, who also voted only once in 2011 – he claimed £12,449. And the list goes on and on.

There are four times as many peers over the age of 90 in the House of Lords than are under the age of 40 – 373 are over the age of 70.

One quarter of the House of Lords is made up of former MPs and 75 per cent are men.

It’s about time politicians stopped feathering their own nest and started fighting for democracy.